Unwelcome 2023

From what I’ve seen in the trailers and read about the movie, Unwelcome seems pretty crazy. Even though it looks and sounds like a classic B-movie horror movie, there’s nothing the audience can do to get ready for what’s about to happen.

Unwelcome is an uneven Irish creature movie with some boring acting, iffy dialogue, and a slow pace. However, its surprisingly deep themes and unsettling atmosphere make for an interesting, slightly elevated horror experience. This is before talking about how crazy things get as the movie goes on. Maya (John-Kamen) and Jamie (Booth) are a couple at the center of the story. After a violent attack in their city apartment, they flee to the quiet of Ireland. When they get there, they hear stories about the strange animals that live in the woods near their garden. The couple’s neighbors tell them that these creatures come to help souls that are in desperate need of help, but that their help comes at a price.

An attack on the couple sets the tone right away and makes the situation tense and uncomfortable. Maya’s pregnancy also makes things more dangerous. As a result, the couple move to the scenic yet eerie landscape of Ireland to meet some mysterious neighbors. Mysterious communities in cute rural towns are nothing new, but they still make a great gimmick. The movie plays around with the idea, but quickly turns it on its head. Everything seemed fine, except for one crazy family.

Unwelcome, on the other hand, dealt with some pretty deep themes, like PTSD and toxic masculinity, pretty well. Even though they helped the movie feel more real, they couldn’t quite hide the fact that it was a bunch of nonsense. Even so, it was still fun to watch, especially when all sense and logic went out the window and the movie got so crazy that you had to see it to believe it. Visit letmewatchthis for more.

Unwelcome | January 27, 2023 (United Kingdom) Summary: Married couple Maya and Jamie escape their urban nightmare to the tranquility of rural Ireland only to discover malevolent and murderous goblins lurking in the gnarled, ancient wood at the f... Read all
Countries: United KingdomLanguages: English

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